The Essential Honeyberry Guide?

We would like to bring our Essential Honeyberry Guide and other books to your attention. We believe these resources will make the task of establishing a Honeyberry or Haskap orchard more fruitful and enjoyable.

1. Our Essential Honeyberry Guide Book

The first Honeyberry guide is  – ‘Your Essential Honeyberry Guide’ – written by ourselves and published by Agriforest Bio-technologies. It’s a book designed for anyone wanting to become confident with Honeyberries.

Would you like to take a peek inside? We thought so. Please click the picture below to view an opening sample of this essential Honeyberry guide.

Honeyberry and Haskap book

It is crammed full of many simple ideas on establishing a healthy and productive Honeyberry orchard. Packed with facts, growing tips, and graphics designed to simplify your Honeyberry journey. Read about the incredible progress of Stewart Arbuckle’s young Honeyberry orchard built on the guide’s principals.

We have written the Honeyberry guide for both the home gardener and commercial orchard grower looking to grow Honeyberries from Angus, Scotland to South Island, New Zealand to the East Coast, North America and many other corners of the globe. It covers a broad range of topics from the importance of tissue culture grown plants to the key steps in establishing a profitable orchard to marketing suggestions to take advantage of ‘Surfing’ these Honeyberry demographic waves.

This comprehensive Honeyberry guide based on over ten years of Honeyberry fun and wisdom gained from experts around the world. This 300-page plus, full-colour guide shares our optimism, vision, and drive to why the Honeyberry’s future is so bright. As you may recall, Canola was just a good idea 30 years ago.

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Honeyberry book

Honeyberry book

The Essential Honeyberry Guide?

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2. Nutrition Rules!

The second Honeyberry guide is by Graeme Sait  and Graeme Sait wrote the second one – ‘Nutrition Rules!’ Nutrition Rules! is a 312-page inquiry into the mechanics of what Graeme Sait has dubbed “Nutrition Farming” –  a desperately important game plan for the improvement of our health and wellbeing in Century 21 and the framework for a new agricultural paradigm. Nutrition Farming™ is the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food for the protection and sustenance of all who consume it.

“A universal book at the forefront of change to sustainable agriculture and modern life. In this volume, Graeme Sait has encapsulated the new direction of agriculture for the 21st century – protecting our biodiversity and health through natural farming.”

– Lindsay Bock, publisher, Acres

The good news is that Graeme’s is offering a free digital copy of his highly acclaimed book, worth over $40 if you sign up for his very informative newsletter. Please click here to go to his free newsletter page and sign up.

Honeyberry Guide

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3. The Intelligent Gardener

The third Honeyberry guide, we highly recommend ‘The Intelligent Gardener’ – growing nutrient-dense food for those gardeners, who are interested in soil health and how it can improve your health and the taste of your Honeyberries. Please click on the picture below for the book link.

The best place to purchase these needed minerals or soil health starter packs for the home gardener is Michela Astera’s It is an invaluable source of product and help. His ‘Soil Mineral Supplement’ boxes have kept our garden’s soil and Honeyberries in good health and good fettle.

Honeyberry Guide book review

If you garden organically in the hope of improving your health, this book could provide a major missing link. For many years we had been advised to add compost and manure–if that did not work, just add more. In some areas where we lived, that seemed good enough. Now in retirement, with years of gardening experience but with depleted sandy soil, it seemed that nothing worked. A soil test from an area university revealed that our soil was deficient in most nutrients but too high in others. The advice was to add organic amendments. Period.

After a quick initial reading of the book, I am optimistic that I will be able to balance my minerals and improve tilth in the process, by one of the several options described. I should be able to calculate it myself after a particular soil test, without a degree in chemistry and higher math, or I can take an easier route and submit a sample to a lab, then get an online interpretation of what is needed–for a total of about $30. There is even a recipe for a “best guess” fertilizer, based on what most vegetables might need, for those who only have a few plants and can’t afford to test.

The most important point I have learned so far is that balancing the minerals in the soil can boost the micro-life, improve the holding capacity of moisture and nutrients and provide food for maximum nutritional value and taste.

You can get recommendations for best local varieties and planting dates from a local extension service, but this book provides home gardeners with much information that was not readily available earlier.

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4. Start with the WHY

The fourth Honeyberry guide book is ‘Start with the why’ by Simon Sinek. It is an inspiring book that helps you find your Honeyberry orchards or business’ WHY. It’s important when you are drawing up your plan of activities to remember – People do not buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Sinek explains its importance through his ‘Golden Circle’ (See picture below) and to function properly your business must have balance across all three of its sections.

  • The clarity of WHY: If you don’t know Why you do What you do, how can you expect anyone else to know? For others to know your Why, you must first have clarity of your own Why.
  • The discipline of HOW: The actions that you take to bring your cause alive and must align with your values, guiding principles, strengths, and beliefs.
  • The consistency of WHAT: And everything you say and everything you do must be consistent with what you believe. After all, we live in the tangible world. The only way people will know what you think is if you say and do the things you believe.

So in summary, you have to talk about your WHY and prove it with WHAT you do. A WHY is just a belief; HOWs are the actions we take to realize that belief and WHATs are the results of those efforts. When all three are in balance, trust is built, and value is perceived.

Honeyberry Guide book review

Every bookstore is filled with business books that tell you WHAT to do and HOW to do it. They often seem to give contradictory recommendations. This WHY book will resolve many of the apparent paradoxes and put you on your path.

The truth is most people are too busy doing to think about the most important question which is WHY they are doing. It is likely thinking through the examples in the book you will discover why you are working too hard for your results and, more importantly, be able to concentrate on achieving far more with far less effort.

Want to know why people love some companies and not others, why it usually takes two guys in a garage, why some companies soar and others crash? It’s in there.

A note on what is not in the book. There are no seven steps to accomplishing anything you want. What and how you do things are up to you, once you figure out the why. But again there are no shortages of other books and people who can help with that.

A final note, this is a business book, but the applications extend far beyond business.

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5. Super Business – How I Started SuperJam 

The fifth Honeyberry guide book is SuperBusiness by Scottish Wunderkind Fraser Doherty. This remarkable and uplifting story shows what is possible. When you match your WHY with the desires of today’s health conscious consumers – sugar-free jam.

SuperJam, the company he launched at 18, is set to sell a million jars of his sugar-free, fruit-based jam to 2,500 supermarkets around the world this year. He shows what is possible if you grow bottles of jam rather than berries for supermarkets.

Honeyberry Guide book review

If you are starting your own business or improving your small business practices, this is the book for you. Though my claim that this is one of the best business books I’ve ever read is impressive (I’ve read a LOT of business books), Fraser’s story and message is extraordinary. You should read this book for three reasons:

1. You want to read an amazing story about a 14-year-old who built a jam empire, pretty much all by himself.
2. You want to learn from SuperJam’s startup pitfalls and accomplishments in order to build your own business.
3. You want to learn how to better add focus to your own business and how you can incorporate social contributions into your profit delegating.

I was on a trip to Dublin and spotted this book in a book store. The story intrigued me- a 14 year old kid who started a jam company, and now, at only 22, he wants to tell me about how to start a company? Really? So I went back to the hotel, downloaded the sample on my Kindle…yeah, this was one of those samples that doesn’t give you much more than the first page! I took a gamble, and finished the book in 2 days- I was hooked!

The Amazon description of this book doesn’t do the story justice (no offense PR person). The book is incredibly well written, with accomplishments and setbacks that any business owner or person thinking about starting a business can learn from. I am amazed that Fraser was wise enough to figure out what some business owners or whole business teams take a lifetime to figure out. I love that this book rounds out with a social contribution perspective, as Fraser found such amazing mentors and exemplars to show him the way to find his own social focus.

Honeyberry Guide


6. The Soil and Health Library

The final Honeyberry resource we recommend readers explore is the – the Soil and Health Library. It includes many of the key books that began the organic farming movement and there is a broad collection of materials by William Albrecht, books, and papers by Victor Tiedjens and also from the BioDynamic movement.

This website provides free downloadable e-books about agriculture and food nutrition. There is no fee for downloading anything in this library.

soil health library

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LoveHoneyberry – We are about helping You!

Our commitment at LoveHoneyberry is to enable you, to quickly establish a profitable Honeyberry orchard, by eliminating many of the high start-up and ongoing errors associated with a new fruit.

We are very passionate about the opportunities that Honeyberries offers growers (in particular organic) and encourage you to see these initial Honeyberry plant ordering costs as only a fraction of the lifetime revenue potential from fresh or frozen berry sales or Honeyberry value added products. We can ship Honeyberry or Haskap in-vitro plantlets or potted plants to you in most regions in the world, where the plants can thrive.

Our commitment does not disappear once we have sold you plants. Our passion is to help you improve your orchard’s soil fertility to allow you to grow high yielding, nutrient dense Honeyberries with sweeter and deeper flavours, and longer shelf life. You can implement our nutrient strategies by including our core recommended products into your current programs.

Honeyberry Guide

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