Soil Health in Vegas

Good Morning, We would like to bring readers attention to Graeme Sait’s and Joel Williams’ next Nutrition Farming certified course organised by Agriculture Solutions. It will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 13-16. Graeme’s last two-day course was well attended and received by Scottish Honeyberry and other growers

We are strong advocates of the importance of both Graeme’s and Joel’s work and its significance integrating his proven principals into your Honeyberry orchard’s nutrition program. These principals help you improve your soil’s fertility to allow you to grow high yielding, dense nutrient dense Honeyberries with sweeter flavours and longer shelf live.

Agriculture Solutions Inc. is bringing the course to North America for the 5th time due to popular demand. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the world’s foremost authorities on sustainable agriculture.

The course leader is Graeme Sait, an internationally-recognized author and expert on nutrition farming. Graeme is dynamic, informative, innovative, edgy, and funny. What’s more, he is certainly one of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard. After taking this course, you will have a brand new perspective on your work as a farmer, and you’ll have renewed excitement, passion and energy to implement what you have learned.

Soil Health in Vegas – Nutrition Farming

Soil Health in Vegas

Unlike so many other learning events, this intensive course teaches a practical methodology for leveraging soil biology to your advantage. You’ll learn the why and the how of the soil’s biological system and be able to promote increased nutrient availability. You’ll be able to apply what you learn immediately to your operation.

Because Agriculture Solutions has hosted this course several times and I have had the chance to take in the course, each time, I learn more every time I hear Graeme speak. So, even if you’ve already taken the course, I assure you that you’ll learn more the second time as you already have a basis for the knowledge. Plus, Graeme continues to evolve the course with his experiences and new insights.

Register by January 27th. Class size is limited to 60 to ensure a productive learning environment. Early registration discount is available if you enrol by January 10. Download the brochure for full details by clicking the asparagus image below.

Soil Health in Vegas

If you can’t travel to Vegas, Agriculture Solutions are also holding a 3-day Soil Health and Your Wealth seminar in Regina, Saskatchewan. Click the course name to download the brochure with information on early enrollment discounts available only until January 3. Class size is limited to 50 in Regina.

Course Registration please click here –

I will be there as a student and Agriculture Solution’s Honeyberry consultant. So I hope to see you in February in either Las Vegas or Regina.

Be Honeyberry Well and Merry Christmas,


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Our commitment at LoveHoneyberry is to enable you, to quickly establish a profitable Honeyberry orchard, by eliminating many of the high start-up and ongoing errors associated with a new fruit.

We are very passionate about the opportunities that Honeyberries offers growers (in particular organic) and encourage you to see these initial Honeyberry plant ordering costs as only a fraction of the lifetime revenue potential from fresh or frozen berry sales or Honeyberry value added products. We can ship Honeyberry or Haskap in-vitro plantlets or potted plants to you in most regions in the world, where the plants can thrive.

Our commitment does not disappear once we have sold you plants. Our passion is to help you improve your orchard’s soil fertility to allow you to grow high yielding, nutrient dense Honeyberries with sweeter and deeper flavours, and longer shelf life. You can implement our nutrient strategies by including our core recommended products into your current programs.

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