Meet the Jersey Honeyberry

Goodmorning, It’s great to report about new regions or countries signing up to the ‘Honeyberry Revolution.’ – Meet the Jersey Honeyberry.  Today we are pleased to announce that the island of Jersey is joining the revolution.

We were happy to welcome the Environmental Department of Jersey to our Honeyberry Crush event and are thrilled that they have agreed to undertake Honeyberry trials beginning in the Spring of 2017.

The island’s local climate is ideal to grow all four harvesting groups of Honeyberries.

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Meet the Jersey Honeyberry

Meet the Jersey Honeyberry

Source: Jersey Evening Post December 5th, 2016

A NEW ‘superfood’ to rival the blueberry is to be grown on the Island as the Environment Department undertakes trials of new crops to make farming more sustainable.

Honeyberries (Lonicera caerulea), which are in the same family as blooming honeysuckle, taste like a cross between raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

They are good to eat because they are high in healthy antioxidants and vitamin C, and more farmers are growing them as they are used by the food industry to flavour ice cream, confectionery and preserves.

For the past two years, the Environment Department has been investigating new crops to help improve soil quality and combat pests that have resulted from growing potatoes in the same ground year after year. At yesterday’s Jersey Farming Conference, Environment Minister Steve Luce said that finding new crops and increased rotation could also have wider benefits.

The honeyberry trials are due to begin in the spring.


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Our commitment at LoveHoneyberry is to enable you, to quickly establish a profitable Honeyberry orchard, by eliminating many of the high start-up and ongoing errors associated with a new fruit.

We are very passionate about the opportunities that Honeyberries offers growers (in particular organic) and encourage you to see these initial Honeyberry plant ordering costs as only a fraction of the lifetime revenue potential from fresh or frozen berry sales or Honeyberry value added products. We can ship Honeyberry or Haskap in-vitro plantlets or potted plants to you in most regions in the world, where the plants can thrive.

Our commitment does not disappear once we have sold you plants. Our passion is to help you improve your orchard’s soil fertility to allow you to grow high yielding, nutrient dense Honeyberries with sweeter and deeper flavours, and longer shelf life. You can implement our nutrient strategies by including our core recommended products into your current programs.

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