Honigbeere mit Potenzial

Guten Morgen, we very much enjoyed speaking at Peter Stremer’s first ‘Honigbeere mit Potenzial’ conference. Peter’s work’s at the LWK NRW agriculture station, where he heads up the soft-fruit department.

It was very well attended, with over 50 attendees from all over Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Similar to our Scottish Honeyberry Crush event, we were very impressed to see such genuine enthusiasm for this new fruit. There are about 20 acres in total under trial in the Netherlands, Germany with the intention of producing for the fresh, frozen and alcohol markets.

We also visited Peter’s very professional and healthy research plots, where he has Polish, UoS and Russian varieties under observation. These plants were planted in 2014 and 2015 and had already produced their first berries. He is adding further varieties in 2017, including our Berries Unlimited varieties we grow in Scotland.We would recommend you download his 2016 summary plot trial research by clicking the LWK NRW banner below.

The enclosed pictures below show the Honeyberry plants well laid out and is tested with fabric and without. He has used grapevine tubs to support the young growth to more upright for mechanical harvesting.

We strongly recommend any interested German Honeyberry growers to pop in and visit his inspiring Honeyberry work. He can be contacted at peter.stremer@lwk.nrw.de

Be Honeyberry Well,

Logie J Cassells

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Erste Erfahrungen aus dem Versuchsbetrieb

Please click on the Haskap – Eine Beerenfrucht mot Potenzial image below to download Peter Stremer’s presentation.

Bitte klicken Sie auf das Haskap – Eine Beerenfrucht mot Potenzial Bild unten, um die Präsentation von Peter Stremer herunterzuladen.

Honigbeere mit Potenzial

Honeyberry order Honigbeere – Eine neue Beerenfrucht mit Potenzial. Mittwoch, 23. November 2016 13.00 Uhr in Koln-Auweiler, Gartenstrasse 11, 50765 Koln

Haskap, Honigbeere, Maibeere, Blaue Heckenkirsche – in anderen Anbaugebieten hat die gesunde Frucht unter verschiedenen Namen schon langst Kultstatus errungen. Grund genug sich auch in unserer Region mit dem Produktionsfragen zu beschaftigen.

1. Begrussung und einfuhrung – Ludger Linnemannstons, LWK NRW

2. Anbautechnik und Sorten – Ein Uberblick – Logie Cassells, LoveHoneyberry, Schottland und Kanada

3. Honigbeere – Moglichkeiten der Vermarktung – Jan Marc Schulz, HaskapChile

4. Erste Erfahrungen aus dem Versuchsbetrieb – Peter Stremmer, LWK NRW

5. Honigbeere im Praxisbetrieb – Roland Soffing, Wittstock, Brandenburg

6. Pflanzenschutz – was ist moglich in der Honigbeere-Anlage? – Ralf Jung, LWK NRW

Eine Verkostung von verschiedenen Honigbeere-Produktion in der Pause ist vorgesehen.

Mit freundlichen Grussen

Ludger Linnemannstons und Peter Stremmer

Honigbeere mit Potenzial


Honigbeere mit Potenzial

Honigbeere mit Potenzial

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We are very passionate about the opportunities that Honeyberries offers growers (in particular organic) and encourage you to see these initial Honeyberry plant ordering costs as only a fraction of the lifetime revenue potential from fresh or frozen berry sales or Honeyberry value added products. We can ship Honeyberry or Haskap in-vitro plantlets or potted plants to you in most regions in the world, where the plants can thrive.

Our commitment does not disappear once we have sold you plants. Our passion is to help you improve your orchard’s soil fertility to allow you to grow high yielding, nutrient dense Honeyberries with sweeter and deeper flavours, and longer shelf life. You can implement our nutrient strategies by including our core recommended products into your current programs.

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