Honeyberry Crush Thank You

Good Morning, A big ‘Honeyberry Crush Thank You’ goes to all of those who attended our second Scottish Honeyberry event at Piperdam on November the 15th. We have included below some pictures of our two-day event and were very impressed with the numbers who braved the raw Scottish weather to visit Stewart’s orchard.

It was fantastic to meet so many new Honeyberry enthusiasts, and a special praise goes to those of you who made it across the ‘Atlantic Pond’ to attend. Thank you also, to Stewart Arbuckle for his hard work in organising the event and to our external speakers at the event – Graeme Sait of Nutri-Tech, Strathearn Distillery and Berries Unlimited.

We were glad to hear the Honeyberry products, especially the Honeyberry gin cocktails, were well received and created a lot of creative chatter. We are very appreciative to Lidia Delafield of Berries Unlimited for remembering to take pictures and record this Honeyberry historic event. I in all the excitement forgot.

What excited us the most about the event, was the young and enthusiastic age of the audience. We are great believers that the speed of transformation from the ‘World’s Tastiest Secret’ to world success rests on the creative shoulders of young growers and farmers, not just in Scotland but Worldwide.

Our aim before the conference was it would mark a positive start to achieving our Scottish Honeyberry dream – to create a premium 5,000 acre Honeyberry industry, built on delivering the delicious flavours of the Scottish Terroir to the customer’ doorstep – Where ever that may be.

We believe, following our event, by combining the enthusiasm of young growers with the infrastructure of the Scottish soft-fruit industry. Our target may have to be raised further.

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2017 Honeyberry Crush event next autumn.

Be Honeyberry Well,

Logie J Cassells

LoveHoneyberry Inc.,
36 Collins Grove, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2W 4E6
17 Market Street, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 9NS

email: logie@lovehoneyberry.com
phone: 902 209 6829

Honeyberry Crush Thank You

Honeyberry Crush Thank You

Honeyberry Crush Thank You

Honeyberry Crush Thank You

Honeyberry Crush Thank You

LoveHoneyberry – It’s about helping You

Our commitment at LoveHoneyberry is to enable you, to quickly establish a profitable Honeyberry orchard, by eliminating many of the high start-up and ongoing errors associated with a new fruit.

We are very passionate about the opportunities that Honeyberries offers growers (in particular organic) and encourage you to see these initial Honeyberry plant ordering costs as only a fraction of the lifetime revenue potential from fresh or frozen berry sales or Honeyberry value added products. We can ship Honeyberry or Haskap in-vitro plantlets or potted plants to you in most regions in the world, where the plants can thrive.

Our commitment does not disappear once we have sold you plants. Our passion is to help you improve your orchard’s soil fertility to allow you to grow high yielding, nutrient dense Honeyberries with sweeter and deeper flavours, and longer shelf life. You can implement our nutrient strategies by including our core recommended products into your current programs.

Regeneration of soils

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