Essential Honeyberry Guide Anyone?

Good Morning, are you looking for an essential Honeyberry guide or Haskap guide to give simple answers to this unique berry? Well, we have the answer – ‘Your Essential Honeyberry Guide’ – written by ourselves and published by AgriForest Bio-technologies.

Would you like to take a peek inside and sample our ideas on establishing a healthy and productive orchard? We thought so. Please click the ‘Look Inside!’ picture below to view a sample of this essential Haskap or Honeyberry guide.




It’s a book designed for anyone wanting to become confident with Honeyberries and crammed full of many simple ideas on establishing a healthy and productive Honeyberry orchard. It is packed with facts, growing tips, nutritional guides and graphics designed to simplify your Honeyberry lifestyle.



We have written the Honeyberry guide for both the home gardener and commercial orchard grower looking to grow Honeyberries from Angus, Scotland to South Island, New Zealand to the East Coast, North America and many other corners of the globe. It covers a broad range of topics from the importance of tissue culture grown plants to the key steps in establishing a profitable orchard to marketing suggestions to take advantage of ‘Surfing’ these Honeyberry demographic waves.

This comprehensive Honeyberry or Haskap guide based on over ten years of Honeyberry fun and wisdom gained from experts around the world. This 300-page plus, full-colour guide shares our optimism, vision, and drive to why the Honeyberry’s future is so bright. As you may recall, Canola was just a good idea 30 years ago.

Be Honeyberry Well,

Logie J Cassells

LoveHoneyberry Inc.,
36 Collins Grove, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2W 4E6.

phone: 902 209 6829

Peek Inside the Essential Honeyberry Guide




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Which Varieties are Best for You?




Looking for a Haskap Guide?

We also have the perfect guide for growers who prefer to call the berry Haskap.





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